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    What is TradeBolt?

    TradeBolt is the world’s premier automated system trading application. TradeBolt automatically executes signals from any strategy through virtually any broker. TradeBolt will trade your system for you. You won’t have to ever again manually enter in orders. You will have hands-free trading™ for Forex, futures, and equities. TradeBolt will release the power™ of any strategy in TradeStation®, eSignal®, Wealthlab®, Metastock® and more! Just sit back and let TradeBolt execute your entry and exit orders to your broker at lightning speed. TradeBolt automatically places your orders in the exchange server. This ensures that your orders will be placed and filled before manual orders and minimizes your connectivity risk and slippage.

    TradeBolt is a powerful trading tool for traders of every experience level. Fund managers, CTAs, brokers, Forex dealers and retail clients worldwide trust TradeBolt.

    TradeStation Support:
    Seamlessly integrates into TradeStation 2000, 6, 7, 8. NO MODIFICATIONS to your existing strategies necessary. Lightning fast, accurate, executions.

    eSignal, MetaStock, WealthBuilder Support:
    Virtually "Hands-Free" fully automatic order execution is easy to add to any system or indicator using the TradeBolt Universal Link.
  2. delta1


    So, do you have to be a computer programmer to use this tool?
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    Hi Delta1

    You certainly do not need to be a programmer to use TradeBolt.

    You do need an automated strategy, but there are many companies offering strategies. In fact, we are currently in the process of connecting to www.Collective2.com, a strategy publishing company. Collective2 allows you to subscribe to a variety of strategies that publish signals. TradeBolt then has the technology to turn those signals into trades at a variety of brokerage houses.

    There are also many available strategies for TradeStation, which we can automate through the broker of your choice with no changes to the existing code.

    Of course, if you have a background in trading but no programming experience, we can also take your strategy ideas and program them into a functioning automated system. Please contact us directly for details.

    Thank you for your interest in TradeBolt.
  4. Can it link to REDI+? And if so all I would need to do is submit bracket orders OCO.

    I want to initiate myself and allow an automated program to exit for me at prices I input immediately after the trade is put on. Then cancel remaining orders once a side is hit.

    Can tradebolt do this?

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    To the best of my knowledge, REDI Plus is not an automated strategy platform.

    TradeBolt can automate any strategy that it is given, and handling automated exits for manual entries is no exception. I would suggest that you contact one of our knowlegeable support staff and discuss how we can automate your strategy in particular. You may contact us at support@tradebolt.com or by phone at 800-977-2658 (540-254-2000 for international callers).

    Thanks for your interest in TradeBolt.
  6. cashonly

    cashonly Bright Trading, LLC

    Can you use it in Tradestation to execute trades in RediPlus?

    Can you use it in Visual Basic to execute trades in RediPlus?
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    We are not currently linked with Redi Plus as a broker interface. If you are interested in having Bright Trading connected to TradeBolt, please call us at 800-977-2658
  8. I'm interested to know why TradeBolt can automatically execute signals from any strategy through virtually any broker.

    You don't need to care what the broker is before you can support automated trading system.

    In fact, how does the automated trading work?

    There's no broker (in my city) who support automated trading. That's too bad!

    I'm not sure if automated trading can still work in my case, or it's still just a dream in my city.

    PS: I use Metastock.
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    Hi WmWaster

    There are plenty of brokers who should be able to accomodate your trading needs, regardless of the city you live in.

    The way TradeBolt's automated trading works is we take signals from an automated strategy and pass them on to the broker of your choice. We write to the broker's API to send them orders, and they place the orders at the market.

    We take signals from Metastock through our Universal Link API. You can look at http://www.tradebolt.com/Help_Files/metastock_help_template.htm for information on setting up Metastock for trading through TradeBolt.
  10. I'm not living in the US.
    That's the problem.

    My city is just so outmoded in terms of trading.

    At least I think TradeBolt works only if the broker supports automated trading system.

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