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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by loveshek, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. loveshek


    Carrier/ISP -/-
    Host 1: WebArena(NTTPC) 25.9Mbps(6008kB,2.1sec)
    Host 2: at-link(C&W IDC) 42.1Mbps(9971kB,2.1sec)
    Max through put : 42.1Mbps(5266kB/s)

    2 days ago
    one of my friend showed me (via ICQ) how fast his connection is....he told me that he is paying about $100US per month.What kind of connection is this and can I get it in US?

  2. Bob111


    is your friend know, for what he paying 100$?
    ask him unstead us))))))T1 maybe
  3. T1, if I remember correctly, only gets up to about 1.44mbits per second. That might be a T3.
  4. loveshek


    he doesnt know how to say it in english..
    He just said FTTH?? cable or something like that

    i know what is T1 and its up to 1.5Mbps right?

  5. az2u


  6. That is a T3 and I don't believe it; try $10,000 ...
  7. Pabst


    How fast metooxx. Is it only $10k in Bahamas?
  8. $10K in Chicago; now that I think about it that is actually cheaper here up to 50 meg ...
  9. loveshek


    Now I understand what FTTH is (thanks)

    Where hes from many have FTTH (100Mbps for about $100-120US per month but there is hardware limitation so max through put is like 70Mbps for average person) also 12Mbps ADSL for about $35 USD....damn....

    actually I just need "Stable" 1Mbps donwload speed tho