What is this??????

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Kastro_316, May 17, 2005.

  1. Hey guys....

    What the hell is this? Sorry for the stupid thread, i am just wondering what my charting picked up on BRCM :)
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  2. Damn,

    this looks like one of these rare Double D Boob Buying Patterns

    Strong BUY @6pm ;) :D
  3. man


    "according to a recently published study by nasa_astrophysics_center there are computer programs used for pattern recognition that can at times detect the low-ray signature left by unidentified flying objects. especially within applications for stock trading this feature seems to be already well-known within the trader community, yet not fully acknowledged and researched by the scientific world."

    you caught an UFO ...
  4. I thought it was UFO!!!

  5. man


    here you go. here you go.
  6. EliteEd


    Only boobs trade that pattern.
  7. It's either the market hanging you up by your balls...

    Or bollinger band and donchian channel with wacky data??

  8. possible extra-terrestrial contact!

    alert SETI