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Discussion in 'Options' started by silver217, May 1, 2012.

  1. At Interactive Brokers I placed a limit combination order:

    SELL 6x SPXPM june 1500
    BUY 6x SPXPM june 1510

    for a limit price of 0.45 (credit)

    At setting up the combination order I have 2 choices: SMART and CBOE2
    I choose CBOE2, there is only one place where these options are available
    so there is nothing smart. right ?

    Before I transmit the order, the Bid size is 138, Bid = 0.30, and
    the Ask size is 186, Ask = 0.70

    After I placed the order the Ask size becomes my size of 6 and also my
    limit is now the new Ask. No fill yet.

    Can sombody explain this to me ?
  2. TskTsk


    You usually don't get filled right away with limit orders bro, be patient...
  3. if i understand your sit correctly, this is what happens in illiquid options - the b/a "magically" changes after you put in your order. there is no way around this except to stick to liquid options.
  4. could be a girl...
  5. It sounds like you put in the best offer and haven't been filled yet. Am I missing something?