What is this some kind of joke

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Aaron Copland, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. This market is a joke, what is this some kind of practial joke.
  2. ssblack


    Yes, we're all out to trick you. I've got satellite imagery of your trading room watching you buy/sell in realtime.

    Big brother is watching.
  3. VictorS


    Oops, accidentally placed my drink on the "DOWN" button. Sorry.
  4. Another insightful, informative post by Aaron Copland.
  5. That's what makes ET so informative and full of VALUE.

    They must have allowed the "patients" at Bellevue access to the one computer that is out in the lobby.
  6. With any luck, Joe will extend my moderation ability to "Trading" so I can move these things to chit chat.
  7. I knew I would get some clowns to reply. Whats a trendline? whats a retracement, this place is a joke.
  8. LOL. Yes........"THIS PLACE" is a joke. Pot calling the kettle I would say.

    You start a thread with this title, can't take shit, then call it a joke?

    Keep posting, I need the laughs!

  9. You think Mr. Market is a clown? He's just here to amuse you?!
  10. What? You think it's funny? Funny how? Funny like a fucking clown? WTF??? Does the market amuse you?

    No-no-tell me. Tell me how the market is fucking funny. Tell ME HOW YOU THINK THIS MARKET IS SOOOOOOO FUCKING FUNNY.:D
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