What is this Line Going Vertically Across my Monitors?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by version77, Jun 1, 2003.

  1. Just added a new ATI card and new monitor to my setup and in
    Internet Explorer and on web pages you can see this faint line
    going up on some monitors and down on others kind of like it
    is refreshing or something? Never have noticed this before...

    Don't see it on my desktop or in any of my trading applications.
    Using XP Home. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Happens when 2 or more monitors are side by side. It's electron gun interference. CRT's are very magnetic field sensitive.

    Try changing the refresh rate on one or both of them until you can live with it, or reposition the monitors.

    You'll notice similar CRT image distortion if you place a standard TV nearby as well.
  3. wrapping aluminum foil around the monitor backs helps a little as well
  4. What do those magnetically-shielded computer speakers use? A sheet of ferrous metal, maybe. You could try that. Maybe open one up and see what they use.
  5. Your right. When I turn off the new monitor I just added, it
    goes away. It must be a magnetic monster. I'll try repositioning
    the monitors and/or throwing aluminum on the backs to see if it
    helps. And of course I'll have to move this TV over a bit...

    Well just a minute. Raising the refresh rate a little bit did the trick.
    The ATI card I just added must of not liked the refresh rate it was
    set at.

    Thanks a lot everybody.

    P.S. For anyone else trying this at home, make sure you have the
    "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display" box checked so
    you don't smoke your monitors with a too-high refresh rate...