What is the worst one day loss you ever had?

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  1. And what percentage of your account was it?

    This should be interesting.
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  2. 2002 $14,235.16 just over 8%. The hardest lesson I ever had to learn....twice.

    Don't ask


    When it REALLY hurts.....ya never forget:D
  3. At time it was 20%. It hurt pretty bad.
  4. $24,000.00. Great life lesson.
  5. bjg


    I wiped out 75% over a few weeks, after making a few big profits in the few weeks before.

    Good lesson.
  6. Most I've ever lost was -$15k in a day. Most I made was about +$48k in a day. Both times it was less than 10% of my portfolio.
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    most lost...around $3500. at the time it was about 10% of my portfolio. but that was a while ago.

    there is a guy somewhere on here that lost $1.5mm on day. something like that.

    I agreee with all that it is a great lesson. oyu need to feel that pain, learn the lesson, and never make that mistake again.
  8. Were they both on CMGI, and both within a week of each other? :)

    Ahh, the good old days of .coms...
  9. A little over $50,000 in 1988, when my broker misheard my order. He and assumed I said F in the ticker symbol when I said S. It was a 2 day trade and when I called next to sell to cover he wanted to know why. I said because I've made a profit. He said, huh? It shows a loss. Then the fur hit the fan. In those days there wasn't a lot of charting software and what there was cost a fortune. I had a Knight Ridder Tradestation that had just hit the market. He had a Reuters terminal with price only. So I'm looking at this chart thinking his Reuters is crap. He's looking at red figures thinking these new charts are not all they're cracked up to be. Then next day he listened to the tape of my order and discovered he had misheard me. He owned up immediately. Was in his office a few days later and he looked awful. It was November and this had cost him his bonus and it looked like his job was on the line too. I was in a good mood, and the money wasn't mine as I was managing a fund. At the time it still felt bad as I expected a profit and suddenly it was a loss. Such confusion hurts. Anyway, I told him to book the trade to me and it saved his job. It was only a small blip on the fund. At X'mas I couldn't carry the cases of wine the office bought me. All's well that ends well. The clients had a good run and the blip was insignificant, and I worked well with the guy so I wanted to preserve the relationship. There's more to life than $$$
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  10. Close to $450, on the YM, I think I made up to 80 trades on a $4.90 r/t.

    I made my broker rich....

    That was the last day I traded futures, as I had known I'd never get anywhere unless I had rock bottom commissions, so there went on my move to Equities, and haven't looked back.
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