What is the WORST indicator?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by FishSauce, Aug 29, 2003.

  1. There are a myriad of discussion talking about the optimal set of indicators. Lets turn the table around...

    What is the worst indicator or sets of indicators?

    Personally, I think stochastic is the worse indicator unless you swing trade and fiddle with the parameters.

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    The worst indicator is any one you use without taking the time to get to know it, strengths and weaknesses, hoping that it's the Holy Grail. Other than that, a good trader can make use of just about any indicator, and a bad trader can lose with just about any indicator.
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    Its using the right indicator at the wrong time.

    Using a trend or breakout indicator when reversals and range bound trading is more appropriate and vice versa.
  5. I agree, if you do not know how to use a indicator it is useless. The one that I think is becoming more useless is the ADX indicator. Because of the choppy market it takes to long before it registers a trend and by that time the market already has turned. I personally only trade off of support and resistance and use the indicators for confirmation. But, remember an indicator has to be used right for your style. Some people use a long term setting for a short term style ( and wonder why it does not work). Also lots of people get so into a indicator that they forget about what's creating the indicator (the price). I guess though that woodie cci chat use mainly the cci. So again it's knowing how to make it serve you.
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    Little nononsense has never found any indicator that was any good. However, if they would not exist, he would have to invent them.

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  7. I simply gotta agree with Magna's excellent post...
  8. It just happens to be the one I am using at any given time...

    (so I don't use them any more!) :)

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    All of them! Read the tape!
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    Personally.....the one I never use is plain Stochastics. I know this is heresy. But it does not work for me at all.
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