What is the very latest on TradeMaven?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Thunderdog, May 19, 2006.

  1. Just curious. Has anyone had any recent experience with TradeMaven? I understand that there were fairly serious reliability issues in the recent past. Does anyone know if they have since been resolved?
  2. No response. Does that mean they're dead in the water?
  3. Hard to believe there is not even one trader using TM.

    Unless TM IS floating around somewhere under water...

    I had a guy from Lions Futures tell me they were bought out by eSignal?...

    I thought they merged with eLocal...:confused:

    I also sent the TM guys an email not too long ago to see what
    their margins were for CME products. He mailed back and said
    they are between $1700-1900 for intra-day margin.

    So obviously someone is in the office... drinking coffee or something...:p
  4. Xenia


    Website refurbished: www.TradeMaven.com
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    Trademaven had some issues in the past. I think it was back in January. All of those issues have been resolved. The reliablility of the feed is as close to perfect as anyone could reasonably expect.

    I have has zero issues in the past six months. Except for my internet going down, which was not a Trademaven issue. When I did lose the connection their order desk provided awesome service flattening my position.

    The commissions are very competetive and the intra-day margins are as well.
  6. I know a couple of my friends did not receive replies to their emails and also I sent an email and never received an answer (to specific persons @trademaven.com not just sales/info).
    I'm still using their Pats feed with Jtrader on one of my PCs.
    It keeps up with TT X_trader feed also in fast market.

    What I can say eLocal was a great and reliable broker with excellent order desk and its feed was one of the few stable and fast Pats datafeed in the industry; currently cannot say anything about TradeMaven.

    It's very unfortunate they do not offer RCG Onyx as as alternative platform for those that are using Jtrader --and prefer to use it vs. TM.
  7. I finally got a decent contact list at Trademaven; some of the guys in my eLocal contact list are no more present but there are new guys, too. Still there Doug, Jeff and Martha --always a great team.
  8. Yep, I'll second that.