What is the ultimate evolution of a trader?

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  1. First I started with stocks. Breakouts, pullbacks, mean reversion. Then I got into complex option spreads for a couple years. Calendars, verts, BWBs etc. Last two mainly daytraded ZG & TF futures. Now I just feel the daily screen-staring is just too boring for me. Maybe twice a week I could do it. But it's reallly got to the point where 10min is an eternity. I'm wondering if it's one of those times where it's time for a change. I'm wondering what path some of the long-term traders have taken, for example:
    -calendar futures spreads
    -intercommodity spreads
    -hybrid options/daytrading strategies
    -pure volatility spreads
    -daytrading only afternoons

    Just curious of the many twists and turns your trading career has taken.

  2. Have you thought about just taking a vacation? A couple weeks off really helps.
  3. If you're staying in the light, someone like George Soros, Paul Tudo Jones or Warren Buffett.

    If you're going to the darkside, Bernie Madoff.
  4. Bankruptcy
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    Global macro, long/short equity, deep value, spreads/relative value, and fading extremes.
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  7. Great OP.

    You have brought up the joke of what is the definition of a full time trader.

    Great OP.


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    Cutten, though i can't possibly approach your brilliance, so i realize i'm revealing my ignorance here, but what the hell is Global Macro?

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    Just supposing you haven't succeeded yet on any of those mentioned hows about trying second life ?

    Might make it big there !!
  10. Speaking of not making money.

    Use any margin requirement you want and see how close too 100mm it is for the attached trade.
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