What is the standard capital requirement to trade in the Emini S&P 500?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by emg, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. emg


    I BELIEVE the requirements are:

    1) Start with $500K account
    2) $100K per contract based on substantial SUBSTANTIAL risk trading in the futures market.

    Hope this thread will help newbies and amateurs if they want to pursue trading.

    And, I am looking for the best answer. Bring it up!
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  3. If you have a $10k account, and risk no more than 4 points trading 1 contract, thats 2% risk per trade.

    2% risk per trade is conservative enough IMO.
  4. "Substantial" is not quantifiable. Anything above $65k per contract = 0-leverage. I've never seen an index trade -integer, so $65k seems pretty conservative.
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    Yeah, but he asked for the standard requirements.....

    The guy is certified....
  6. From a businessman point of view. Use as little capitol to secure positions as possible. Margins of $500 intraday are best.
    But have full contract risk dollars available and liquid.
  7. $500.00 intraday--- start with 1000.00 and trade one contract.
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    CME sets standard margin requirements.
  9. 100k per contract. Trade max 10 contracts, you need 1 million.
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    Maybe. not bad answer.
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