What is the single most important element in trading?

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What is the single most important element in trading?

  1. Psychology/Proper Mindset

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  2. Stock/Market Selection

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  3. Entry Techniques

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  4. Exits

    20 vote(s)
  5. Money Management/Position Sizing

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  6. Luck

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  1. Please vote!
  2. vetten


    to have a plan
  3. Probably profits, imo. :confused:
  4. Or, "What is the single most important element of brain surgery?"

    - staying awake
    - finding the patient's head
    - cutting thru the skull
    - stitching them up
    - billing their family
    - luck

    Hmmm .... there seems to be an element in common.
    And what you do while you have the skull open (trade going) is missing.

    Of all the elements I would argue that only the common one is not most important. :)
  5. There isn't a single most important thing in trading. You have to master all of the aspects to succeed. This is where a lot of people fail. They do not do not acknowedge weaknesses in their trading and hope their strengths in other areas will make up for it. Unfortunately, it doesn't.
  6. Trend

    Trend Finding is Edge Finding and Edge Finding is Trend Finding
    nononsense's axiom
  7. Excellent posting.
    If i had however to give one very important point it would be "trend" , as nononsense already mentioned.

    If we see on Elitetrader how many people don't believe in the use of trends it's no wonder that only a few traders can be successfully. The number of non-believers (in trends) reflects the number of unsuccessful traders perfectly.
  8. cresta


    insider info ..............always was always will be.
    thank you
  9. Recognizing manipulation and siding with the manipulator.
  10. cresta


    JM i bow to your eloquence!!
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