What is the scam with zero commission brokers?

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  1. I keep seeing these form. Padded spread? I had a Scottrade (now TD Ameritrade) account and just got an email they have $0 trades.
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    I know. You should just go with one that pays you each time you trade.
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    I'd buy that for a dollar!
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    Funny you say that. Open an account with Lightspeed. Choose Lightspeed Trader, Sterling Trader Pro or Realtick. Choose the $4.50/Trade commissions plan. Use a route like ARCA or NSDQ and make your order visible and add liquidity. On 5000 shares, we charge you $4.50, the exchange rebate is $10.00 for a net credit of $5.50 before reg fees.

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    So the formula is then:
    -4.50 + x * 0.002
    where x is the # of shares
    Example for 1000 shares: -4.50 + 1000 * 0.002 = -2.50, meaning net commission reduces to 2.50
    Example for 2000 shares: -4.50 + 2000 * 0.002 = -0.50, meaning net commission reduces to 0.50
    Example for 3000 shares: -4.50 + 3000 * 0.002 = 1.50, meaning no commission plus one gets paid 1.50
    Example for 4000 shares: -4.50 + 4000 * 0.002 = 3.50, meaning no commission plus one gets paid 3.50
    Example for 5000 shares: -4.50 + 5000 * 0.002 = 5.50, meaning no commission plus one gets paid 5.50
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    I thought per-trade plans are not eligible for rebates but don’t incur liquidity taking fees either. Otherwise, why not just pick per-share plan? Sending a single 5000 share liquidity adding order is not a good/realistic example.
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    What does this mean?
  9. %%
    AMTD was better than scotttrade/had both.
    ITs not so much a scam/they disclose payment for order flow .. Most make bit on interest/with enough accounts its a lot of interest...……………………………………………………………………………………………………….
    NOT a prediction/selling a round numbers may get a better fill .
    BUT not really practical to only sell @ round number$.
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    The "scam" is that they sell the info about your trade to the high-frequency companies, so that Citadel and its likes may front-run your order. You end up getting a marginally worse execution, but you might or might not be better of than if you had to pay commission
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