What is the Russian Military up to?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Illum, Dec 20, 2009.

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    Failed rocket my ass. That was a perfect spiral with a center pullin at it. Looked like a black hole, or at a minimum some kind of gravity at the center pulling, like water down a drain. Way too perfect for their "failed missile" claim. Some youtubers have a pyramid over Moscow, I don't know about all that. But that weapon was something big. Just read some declassified Russian navy reports of damn aliens in the ocean, they had clear visuals of all of it. Now they are using this "failed missile." From my unscientific eye, it looks like the Russians can manipulate gravity. Is anyone buyin the explanation? Have I jumped off the deep end? These advancements would certainly change the world. No one will be attacking Iran, we will be backing off in the caucuses and central Asia.
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    The first time I saw the footage it looked like a missile with a stabilizer problem, the guidance system was trying to keep a straight flight trajectory while the ass end of the rocket was throwing it out the side in a spin, my thought was why they let it go on for so long?
  3. Underestimate Russia at your own peril.
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    LOL, ok maybe they have developed a new type of weapon which will open up a small controlled singularity which will suck all life into it's gravity death grip, throwing them into some parallel dimension, never to be heard from again, or it opens up a portal from which the murderous herd of flesh eating garthlocks from the planet nimbosis will attack us.

    I'd put my money here, the 7th failed test of their new class of rocket.

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  6. It is amazing that this "failed test" occured at the same exact time that Obama was recieving his Nobel Prize. Do you really think this was accidental?
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    The timing could have been coincidence or a planned sign of strength and a slap in the face to the Nobel committee if the rocket would have streaked on target through the night sky - we will never know, but it's failure ended up being a slap in the face to the Russians.
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    In one sentence you admit ignorance but then jump right to your conclusion, good illustration of why people are prone to delusion.
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    And what was Obama doing at the other 7 times when the same rocket failed? This was the 8th times out of 12 tries...