What is the root of all evil?

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  1. Other people's money.

    Those who have other access to other people's money, whether hedge fund managers having access to investor pools, CEOs having access to shareholder cash, or politicians having access to taxpayer money.

    Some of you thought 'money' when you saw the thread title, didn't you?
  2. can't agree more.
    Mutual funds, scam
    Hedge funds, scam
    The concept of tax itself, scam

    it's time for a MAJOR re-evaluation of current political / economic systems.

    I can sense some very tense moments ahead, we're on the verge of the Weimar Republik II, just watch inflation in the next 2 to 5 years This will end in a very ugly fashion....
  3. lack of empathy precedes dirty deeds

  4. "Fuck 'em, it's not my money"

    --bathroom wall @ GS
  5. Hey!!!!!

    I saw the same quote in the Senate Chambers.
  6. an omnipotent god.
  7. the root of all evil is meat :D

    has killed more people indiscriminate of
    race, color or creed :eek:
  8. Tofu is Satan's rowe.
  9. oh yes tofu is a big killer world-wide :D

    your sooo stupid :p
  10. Got your goat, though.

    mmmmm....goat meat.
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