what is the real TA?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by 0008, Dec 27, 2002.

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    Some people said the more people use the same TA method the more profitable it is. But some other guys said the opposite. Which one is true? Any statistical evidence to support them?

  2. the more people who act the same way on the same signals the better to a POINT.


  3. Things wax and wane whether one shares them or not. Helps to share. Mentioned TYC along with several other elite traders +Carl Ichan.
    Got good fills after that even in 200 million share day + month.

    Twenty [20] period is still a good moving average; would Not use it exclusively. I f you want more evidence than a 10 year chart, fine.

    Besides , I used Real Tick,Quicken Quotes Live & Esignal in one month and came up with nine [9] different 20 period moving average numbers for the same stock.

    Plus you have traders reaction time .:cool: