What is the "official" definition of a scalper ?

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  1. Do you really need to buy the bid and sell the offer to qualify as a scalper ? (market making style)
  2. you can't buy the bid. that is impossible.
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    yes - it's typically the minimum price move.

    market makers tend to hedge rather than hope to offset against a market that could be going against them.

  4. Of course you can , put in a buy limit order that sits on the book of the exchange
    If you are the first in the row and get hit, you just bought the bid
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    You did not buy at the BID.
    The ASK came down to your price.
  6. If you put in a buy limit at 1300.25 and the market comes down to 1300.25/1300.50 and someone sells when you are the first in the row , you have bought at the bid without the need of the ask coming down to 1300.25
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  8. On 98%+of my trades I'm leaning on something. It could be all the liquidity below a certain price, it could be all the liquidity at a certain price, it could be a program that comes and goes, but whatever iti s there is some order, program, or level I'm leaning on. In my eyes, that defines my trading style (scalping).
  9. Scalper is to enter with high lots for 3-4 pips with a currenex account.

    Have a look at cyrox forum to check out the rainbow technic.


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    Retail accounts BUY the asked and they SELL the BID. Like it or not whenever you get filled on a LIMIT order you are behind 1 tick.

    If retail gets automatic loss of a tick then the wholesale person made that tick. The wholesale person is the market maker.
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