What is the new hype/fad trade to replace $XIV?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bizkitgto, May 16, 2018.

  1. bizkitgto


    I loved the hype around shorting the VIX, and even played around with $XIV from time to time. What's the "new" XIV trade?
  2. VXX?
  3. If you’re into VIX could just play the CBOE VIX options or the futures. I also believe SVXY is the same thing XIV was.
  4. bizkitgto


    No, I was curious as to what the new hype/craze is - XIV was a wild ride for a while, but more it was fascinating how hyped it had become.
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    kinda a great insight in this post!! Since im only 30 i dont have the historical context to have truly understood what a packed market can do to a security. I think we witnessed a pretty big deal with XIV and vix products. You probably wont see another one for a while... maybe Bitcoin was one?

    I think another one from recent memory was the impact of fracking on Oil prices.

    and now more recently the iran deal getting shredded and the opposite happening to oil...

    check out WTI for the last few months years... went for 2 to 7 i think.

    if you figure out what the next one is then by all means let me know~!!!!

    great question