what is the most you hve lost in one day

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    I just started trading 3 weeks ago lost $9200 first day started with $125000 in account was devasted after the shock wore off I was determined to get it back made back all but 3 grand as of yesterday was feeling pretty confident and I got wiped out yesterday lost $11000 was looking at the screen as the losses piled up just stated to panic making stupid trade after stupid trade it was sureal it all starte with on little loss in the morning then I got pissed and was determined that all my hard work to get back to even was not going to be lost then it was a nightmare from there. so I am down $14600 in one 3 weeks. feel like a jerk just want to get back to even.
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    Yeah OK, big spender. I lost $40,000 out of a $60,000 account in about an hour because of my "its all up from here" mindset back in Apr 2000! I left for three years to get my head on straight.

    The nazz and I don't speak much anymore. :D
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    Young man, please listen to me. You need to close your account and get out of the market Monday morning.
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    I dont believe this story. Also, use sentences.
  5. I lost $50,000 betting on Greece to lose the European Championship of soccer. The plate smashers ended up winning it! True story, had to take out a loan to cover the loss.
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    and you also posted this in the P/L journal:

    11-04-10 09:23 PM
    "I've decided I am not going to bother posting any more, unless it is more than 10K$, either way (after today)."

    Lets pretend for a second your not a paper trader, whats your secret?
  7. That was "I'm not going to bother posting on the P/L thread" if it is less than 10K, not that I am not going to post at all.

    You can believe I am a paper trader if you want, no skin off my back.

  8. let me guess, you're hissss mother?
  9. In November 2008, I took 60,000 shares of BAC in front of a fake big bid, the bid was at the pivot and when it got canceled EVERYONE marketed out... my PC froze up and executed me out over a 4 second period, my risk on the trade was 3 cents with the slippage I lost in total 17 cents.

    I sized up on the next few trades to make it back, had about 5 losers in a row, was down $17k and called it quits... had I used better money management, I could have chipped about half of it back as right after I stopped out the setups started working wonderfully. There was a lot of money around back then.

    It was pure blood red P/L.
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