what is the most read ET thread by posts and clicks?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by blackguard, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Is there a way to find out? There is one current thread 'YM Traders' that has 3011 posts and 167419 clicks. That is the most I have seen.

    What is the most read ET post in history?
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    The Jokes Thread in CC has 2596 posts and 170505 views.
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    You can sort threads by clicking on Replies and Views:

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    The Trader P/L thread in the Journals forum has about 2300 posts and the most "views" of any thread in ET history, currently at a whopping 352,672.

    Trader P/L
  5. marketsurfer 2974 298771

    the surf report

    298771 hits ---this is including a one year hiatus. 2974 posts.

  6. comparing apples to apples, recheck the ym thread count when it is as old as the other threads.

  7. There are a lot of threads with high post counts and high click counts.

    However, most of those threads (not all) are full of debates, arguments, and not very useful.

    I would be interested in seeing Baron setup a rating system that we can click on to see which threads have the best ratings and worst ratings.

    It has been suggested many times and nothing has been done about it.

    Also, shouldn't be a problem with the ET coding considering we already have a code here for setting up vote polls.

    Further, I wouldn't be surprise if some threads with high post counts or high click counts are not in the top rated lists.

    I also wouldn't be surprise to see some very old threads that have been closed (at the request of the thread starter) that would pop up on a top rated list.

    In addition, I wouldn't be surprise to see that the top rated threads are the ones where either traders showed proof of their trades or disclosed their methodology fully so anyone can test the merits of such via historical data.

    Then again...maybe Baron does keep such a list and its only shown to his advertisers just like he already knows who's online and who isn't while ET members can't see the same info.

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  8. i agree, mark.

    what say you, baron?

  9. How do these Forum packages work? does Baron program this himself, or must he wait for upgrades. does he just flip a switch and turn ratings on?

    Michael B.

  10. its all a prepackaged program, although it can be customized.

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