What is the most "EXOTIC" Place you have ever placed a trade from??

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  1. I.E..from your mobile device heading onto a plane...from a sporting event...hiking...wireless internet outside etc.???..for Forex/Futures/Stocks/Options...

    For me it has been:

    *trading wireless at Barnes and Nobles on that huge down day last Feb 2007...actually made good $$ on the buyback that day on the YM

    *on a dial up (phone jack) internet connection

    *with kids running around at home

    *Actually, I was with a buddy in Mozambique, Africa in 2000...we were at the sloooooowest laptop internet connection ever...it was late in the afternoon, Africa time but market open in NY...he was buying AOL stocks at $165.00 a share!!!!!...the rest is history!

    NOTE: Let's keep this clean and not rude, crude etc...and with total honesty...no, "I was re entrering earth's atmosphere and..."
  2. Public bathroom on my cell phone. :D
  3. great...I hope your trade didn't "Stink"...great input...
  4. Surdo


    Ipanema on my balcony overlooking the ocean drinking a Caipirina I closed out a position in ZB.....I left out the best part.
  5. MGJ


    Anguilla, British West Indes. There was no internet service on Anguilla at the time, so I had to dial America Online on the neighboring island of St.Maarten to get access. Trading Muni Bond futures, may they rest in peace.
  6. from a cruise ship as we were docking (Bahamas)

    small village in Nepal (it was so surreal to by eminis) btw, the trade lost $$ :eek:
  7. Fangdog


    In the Oval Office with Monica Lewinsky while sending a "Flight of four" to missile some poor-bastards off their camels in the desert.
  8. When I was 11 I bought my first 5 shares of microsoft (for an investment) on my dad's cell phone at the county fair. I honestly think I bought them at the high of the tech bubble lol.

    Another time was a few years ago when our family went on a trip to mexico in January. I am not much of a water person so I made a trade in cattle and a trade in minneapolis wheat and came back from vacation with a $1500 profit for the week.

    I make trades from study hall just about all the time and am constantly excusing myself from class to phone the broker.

  9. Dominican Republic. Town of Cabarete in an internet cafe after a very good day of windsurfing.

    Did the same thing from a cafe in Jericoaracora, Brazil. Another windsurfing town.
  10. You're my kinda kid. :)
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