What is the Minimum amount to open an account with IB ?

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  1. kevinqc


    I heard that IB requires large amount to open an account.

    What is the minimum amount to open an account with IB ?

    I also heard you can open with that amount & can withdraw some afterwards & still keep the account active ? So how much you need to keep ?

    If you don't make any trades during a month, how much they charge for data feeds ?

    Also most CME e mini contracts data is free now, so do IB still charge data fee ?

  2. kevinqc


    There is no info on any of the questions I have on their site.
  3. moarla



    no activity = 10USD/month

    All US data is in the US package, so also CME (mini)
    with activity = free
    no activity = 10USD/month

    if you are interested in IB, study the Homepage, you can find all infos you need. dont be so lazy.
  4. kevinqc



    I did try but it seems IB site is not that user friendly or it is just me.

    But I very much appreciate your help.

    From what I gather you need minimum $10,000.00 to open an account.

    But can you later withdraw $8000.00 & keep $2000.00 and pay an activity fee of $20.00 per month ?

    That would give me all the data for $20.00 a month ?

    I am paying a lot more to eSignal now.

    So I need your help there.

    THanks again.
  5. moarla


    that should work.

    another thin you can do is open an Advisor account, there the min = 5000

    On esignal you could do this also:

    go for the Esignal OnDmemand package
    select one region (America) for about 30 USD
    and the add the eMini package for 20USD (and this package comes in with real time data)
  6. LeeD


    You can withdraw most of the sum right after you financed the account (though it will take a bit of time as, I suspect, there is a short lock-up period, on the scale of a few weeks). IB data is free if you generate $20 -$30 commission per month.

    There is a required minimnum for an accopunt if you wish to use any leveraged instrument (including forex and futures). I think the required minimum balance is $3,000.

    Young people can open an account with smaller financing than 10k.
  7. Bob111


    from this page above->

    ->Cost-> Required Minimums


    i would stay away from trading,if i was unable to find such basic info on website

    if basically 1 click away from front page is not user friendly then i don't know what is..before you put your money into IB try their demo. this thing is certainly not friendliest\easy to use platform i've seen.
    user: edemo
    password: demouser
  8. http://individuals.interactivebrokers.com/en/p.php?f=minimumDeposits

    You get dinged $10 for data fees if you don't make at least $30 in commissions per month. You also get dinged $10 for trade inactivity if you make no trades that month, so in theory, you could just buy 1 share of a super liquid ETF and close it immediately every month to reduce that.

    Depending on what products you are trading, your monthly fees could be higher.

  9. I have to agree.
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