What is the longest a method/system of trading has lasted for you?

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    The title is pretty self explanatory, but the reason for this post is to see how prolific a new trader needs to be at seeing profitable patterns, and from these patterns devising systems to trade.

    Whether it's a computer program or a dartboard, how long have your methods of trading lasted before they go cold? Surely some go cold because they only work in a raging bull market etc. Or some might stop working for no apparent reason (maybe probability balancing itself out?)

    How many methods have you guys burned through over the years?

    Right now I am really working on my trading repertoire more before I start to get too enthusiastic about making money, and have one system that I've actively traded and paper traded with a "livable" (by college standards) return over 1 year. I have another backup system that I'm going to test out with real money and so far paper trading has worked out slightly better than my projected numbers. *suspicious*

    I'm hoping that alternating 4 methods can cover me when one seems to stop working (or until I can figure out why it stopped working and make an adjustment).
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    awww....50 hrs and 104 views later and still no reply. I guess if I don't title it SUPERMEGABUCKS TRADING SYSTEM TAHT WORKS!!!111!!11111111111111111111 no one replies.....Sadly wizetrade threads get the most attention :(
  3. By no mean i am a seasoned trader. I've been trading for a little over 20 months and successfully (with an actual plan) for a little over 16 months. I've been using only one system. So far it's been working great (not getting cold yet). So to answer your question i would say 16 months and still going... I will let you know when it gets cold.
  4. Hi:

    I've been trading the same discretionary (intraday) system for a little less than 10 years.

  5. My primary methods (price action only) have endured for about +12 years eventhough their key concepts I started discussing with my stepfather (ex-floor trader) when I was in high school (1980).

    The secondary stuff I use (a few candlestick patterns) have endured for about +7 years.

    The above are rule based and I haven't made any changes to the entry signal but some changes have occurred in the trade management after the entry signal due to a change market environment.

    I've probably put away in the closet about a dozen other methods due to the fact they were indicator based and I no longer use indicators.

    They still make for good dinner conversations with those still using indicaotrs

    Also, I've had a few other methods that went cold (serious drawdown) after an inititial period of profitability.

    However, those particular cold methods were being used at the same time as my primary and secondary methods.

    Thus, they didn't cause any overall damage because I was also using my primary or secondary stuff at the same time.

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    For over 6 years... still amazes me that people make the same mistakes over and over... which is your duty to exploit

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    I got my own trading method in less than one year, which works perfectly for me and gives me great returns.
  8. in 6-9 month cycles.
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    Are you AC's Jomama?
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    ummm.....depends on what AC stands for
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