what is the legal way to do it?

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    So if you want to trade for others
    And by that I mean, they will create accounts with brokers
    and will give you control over them

    You will not take money from them directly
    You will only manage their trading account with the broker

    Trade on their behalf you can say

    What is the legal way to do this?

    Note that I want to establish a company to do this
    If you get employees who will be trading for your clients
    whats the legality you should be aware of
    How would you protect your clients from your employees for example
    And protect yourself from your clients

    Also, if someone know about few other companies that do the same thing, please share links to them
  2. interactive brokers advisor account.
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    This can be done through a "power of attorney" form, which all brokers have.
  4. Hello,

    I like to give advice to every one. Don't follow illegal way. Always hold this advice in your mind.

    Thank you.
  5. Keep in mind that different states have different regulations so you need to look into the laws of the state(s) that applies to you.
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    i am not american
    i am egyptian

    how much does this change?
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    I'm attempting to start a business which does this as well. So this is just from what ive learned, note that its a real possibility that all I say is crap.

    Up to 15 accounts you don't need any licenses or to get around any regulations. Above 15 accounts and under 25 million under management, registering with the state is necessary but no need to register with the SEC. If you are trading stocks you need to be a registered investment advisory, which requires you passing a series 65 exam. In order to trade futures you need to become a CTA which requires a series 3.

    Above 25m you need to register with the SEC.
  8. You should double check to make sure your state still has a 15 account exception to registration. Rules have changed the last few years.
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    Have you considered a pyramid scheme?
  10. :p Good one.
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