What is the ideal stop size for an ES contract on intraday trading

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by trader587, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. I have been trading the ES for a while but I have noticed that whenever I put a stop the market reverses from that stop.Any advice on what the optimum stop size should be. Thanks
  2. Kermit


    Hmmm… sounds to me like you can use that stop level, whenever you get it, change it instead to a limit order and go the other way as an entry. Leave your stop size the same relative to your entry and see if it makes any difference in your performance.

  3. MTE


    You have kind of answered your own question. If the market reverses at your stop then once you have decided on your stop, just move it a bit further away.
  4. Check out Lefty on Do Trendlines work thread. He uses 1.5 pts pretty consistently and does pretty well. You also have to consider that it may be your entries that are your problem.
  5. 1.5 is what I use also. It is highly dependent on your system, however, whether this would be a good number. I trade retracements, so I feel 1.5 gives me plenty of room. If I used a system where I was chasing breaks, I'd double that.

  6. ozzy


    How long is your leash? I use a default 2.25 pt stop on ES (this is worst case scenerio) and then I adjust as it plays out.
  7. There is absolutely no way to help you with this question unless you describe your trading methodology in more detail. If you are willing to that, then the advice you get will be meaningful (maybe). In other words, what time frame are you trading, what is your profit target in relation to your stops, etc, etc.