What is the ideal county for conservatives?

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Which country comes closest to conservative ideals?

  1. Canada with socialist medicine

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  2. Mexico with lots of brown people

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  3. China with death penalty and quick execution

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  4. Somalia with no government and lots of guns

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  1. Obviously the US has become too socialist for them. Give your opinions.
  2. NAZI Germany.
  3. Conservatism, by definition, prefers past over present or future. But Nazi Germany was an anomaly. They probably prefer 19th century US much more. But of today's countries in the world, Somalia probably comes closest to their ideals.
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    I really think its not a matter of location but of time-as in the past.Try any time before science dispelled their idiotic superstitious religious based belief system.I would think pre-galilleo...(17th century).
    Sarah palin thinks humans and dinosaurs roamed the earth at the same time just a scant 6000yrs ago.KOOKOO.

  5. I think the central government of the US has become bloated, arrogant, a special interest of and for itself, and recently is slouching towards socialism. I believe some state governments lust after the power their big brother has accumulated, and endeavor to do the same. The Republic has been on a slow death march since Woodrow Wilson, along with the paid political class and the mindless bureaucracies they spawn.

    Other than the above, I feel that the US of A is the ideal country for conservatives, liberals, libertarians, et al.
  6. 18th Century America, with indoor plumbing, western medicine, gas guzzling SUV's, massive pollution of the environment by industry and individuals, unbridled capitalism without regulation, corporations controlling the affairs of government, no labor unions, plastic surgery and boob jobs for women, tanning booths, Brooks Brothers suits, no public education, no social programs, no social security, right wing hate radio, air conditioning, hookers, automatic weapons, Christian dominant, in the closet gay sex, FOX News, slavery, child labor, a non secular religious state, and a dominance of white males.
  7. Recently idiot Glenn Beck had a program that suggested that "everything went to hell" around Teddy Roosevelt or Woodrow Wilson. I see someone took those ideas to heart.

    US was on a path to destruction the moment it started to exercise its foreign policy muscles:

    "54-40" or fight with England
    Invasion of Canada during War of 1812 (failed miserably but was an audacious move)
    Taking Territory from Mexico
    Monroe Doctrine
    US Spanish War.

    US elites had the good sense to stay out of European affairs. While US was growing it was beating up on second rate powers (Spain Mexico). US was already doing mild imperialism but because its adversaries could not fight back it was harmless for US long term health.

    "The fuse was lit" with WWI and then WWII& Cold War.

    The moment a particular country decides it can dominate the whole world militarily it enters on a path that results in its inevitable downfall. Downfall here does not have to be Roman Empire downfall, it can mean losing all or majority of your worldwide influence (What Happened to Great britain)
  8. If the rest of the USA espoused your nonsense..........our ass would be grass as a nation. You really need to get out and find out what this country is about, because DC ain't the USA.
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    probably orange county

    i've lived in broward co, fla, which is considered to be one of the most liberal, and it is one big hellhole.
  10. What does Orange county have to do with anything? It is not like I am living in San Francisco.

    Orlando is a major metro area as opposed to like Wasilla Alaska.
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