What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died?

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    I was raised as a Christian and believe much of the teachings. But do I think he was literally the son of God ? No. No more than the rest of us.
    Was he a great man and teacher ? Yes undoubtably.
    I think that beliefs, can and should evolve as time passes.
    Many have died because of man's twisted interpretation of religion, usually for their own evil ends.
    But many have found comfort in good teachings.
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    Christianity is based on Jesus being "God in the flesh". Without that it's nothing and to adhere to its beliefs is nonsense and a waist of time, futile.

    I think that was the argument the Apostle Paul wrote about in 1st Corinthians.
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    Jesus is the product of Christianity, not the source of it.
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  5. One among the first 3 was just like, Paul.

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  6. Roza Bal is the place where Yuz Asaf(Jesus Christ) was supposedly buried.
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    The problems of the world today are very different from olden times. For example there is a huge surge in human population. The population in India was 350 million 30-40 years ago and is now 1.2 billion for instance. If that trend continues India's population will triple again in a few decades !! This growth is clearly not sustainable by the planet's resources.
    To put just this problem into a religious context, one may well ask why the Catholic Church will not change it's teaching on contraception. This is a good example of well meant rules getting to be out of date. But they can't change. The rules have become fossilised.
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  8. There is a possibility that good things and good teachings come from Nature, our human nature included.

    The evolution process and practices of religion historically could not completely override or overshadow the nature's law and force.

    In other words, it would be possible that good things might be merely manifestation of the nature, rather than contribution of religions.

    Just 0.02.
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    The term "Christian" or "Christians" was first used to describe Paul's converts at Antioch, the Greek word Christos was a translation for the Hebrew word for Messiah.

    Literally a follower of the Messiah or Christ. The term denotes Divinity.

    Christianity or the Church is the product and sole property of Jesus. He paid for it.
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    Religion is like a template to mould ones baser instincts to.
    At least Christianity is fairly positive
    love not hate unlike some.
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