What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died?

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    Guys like Jesus probably lived.

    They were 'enlightened', they had a higher level of consciousness and wisdom.

    This made them appear god like to others.

    However they could not perform Miracles.

    Miracles were added to make the stories about them more interesting otherwise no one would care or take notice.
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    2000 years from now will they be adding miracles to the Surf Report?
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    I saw an interesting documentary on TV about finding the tomb of the High Priest of the Temple at the time of the crucifixion. Inside the elaborately carved sarcophacos were 2 iron nails. Tests conducted on these nails proved that they had been used in a crucifixion. Why they were put in the tomb nobody knows.
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    The thread asks What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died?

    It isn't Could a magician called Jesus Christ or anyone at all who fancied themselves as the son of god have lived and died?

    Nevertheless, at the supposed time of Jesus Christ there is still nothing whatsoever that supports either of those descriptions existing as a fact in history.

    If you want to guess there may have been someone who called themselves Christ or Jesus at the time Christ is supposed to have lived then it is still not mentioned anywhere in anything of historical relevance. That says a lot as even some of the most humble and worthless and mundane events were written about .

    There is nothing, zilch, nada in the way of historicity for Jesus Christ.
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    Sadly an original copy of Josephus writings is not known to exist. All that is available are manuscripts presumably hand copied from the original. How old are the copies. They must post-date the establishment of the Christian church by Paul.

    What's always puzzled me is why the authors of the King James Bible, who took the trouble, while they were busy translating away, I presume from Latin, to come up with nice English names like Adam, Eve, Peter Paul Mary etc. for the nice Jewish folks in the bible, just stick with the theme. For consistency, instead of retaining the name "Jesus" that must have been in the Latin version (otherwise they would had to have pulled that one right out of their asses), why didn't they remain consistent with their theme and go with something like Robert or Byron, Maynard, Oscar or even Osbert, as in Osbert Christ? Kind of a nice ring to it, don't you think?

    On a related topic, one on which the Bible is no help, have any of you ever wondered what Jesus's Drag name was. Were he alive today I'd suggest, "Virgin Territory" would be a good one to go with .
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  8. You are dealing with a fairly ignorant poster-- i wouldn't even respond. Good info by the way!

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  9. I think there is more evidence of his existence than we know about. But I think that it

    Miracles are possible from enlightened people.
    He made a blind man see and a lame man walk.
    Did he walk on water and feed 5000 people with one loaf of bread and one fish...
    Did Manna fall from Heaven for the Israelites when they were in the desert?
    Did Moses make a staff turn into a snake?

    Dunno. I don't doubt miracles were performed, but like yourself; it's quite possible that some of the things he did were exaggerated and some things were created.

    It's tough to say what is real and isn't. We are dependent on the accuracy of the monks that recorded the events. And then.....the Catholic church found it necessary to eliminate specific books from the Bible at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD. I think the Vatican has numerous scrolls and books related to Jesus in their basement that are hidden away and kept from public view because it doesn't fit their ideal image of Jesus. I think he was married to Mary Magdalene. And all the disciples had girlfriends but that is never mentioned in the Bible.

    Every time you see Jesus represented he is always uptight and formal. But those kind of people don't develop followers. I am sure he had a sense of humor and was quite charismatic.

    But we'll never know. It doesn't matter to me though. Because the lessons and values he preached are still valid regardless of the historical record.......Just my .02.




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