What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died?

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  2. That's why it's called Faith -- ...it's only in your head, or your own personal beliefs :confused: o_O; For better or for worse, or for right or wrong
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    There are only a book shelf full of historical sources that old.
    And at least one of the sources, Josephus, references Jesus multiple times.

    One of the references in Josephus disputed. But, there is another one that references is virtually undisputed by any credible expert in the world.

    here is a reasonable starting point for the inquiry. If you read further down at the link it discusses the evidence of the historicity of Jesus.


    An overwhelming majority of New Testament scholars and Near East historians, applying the standard criteria of historical investigation, find that the historicity of Jesus is more probable than not,[4][5][6][7][nb 1][nb 2][nb 3][nb 4]although they differ about the beliefs and teachings of Jesus as well as the accuracy of the details of his life that have been described in the gospels.[nb 5][13][nb 6][15]:168–173 While scholars have criticized Jesus scholarship for religious bias and lack of methodological soundness,[nb 7] with very few exceptions such critics generally do support the historicity of Jesus and reject the Christ myth theory that Jesus never existed.[17][nb 8][19][20][21]

    The historicity of Jesus is distinct from the related study of the historical Jesus, which refers to scholarly reconstructions of the life of Jesus, based primarily on critical analysis of the gospel texts.[22][23][24] Historicity, by contrast as a subject of study different from history proper, is concerned with two different fundamental issues. Firstly, it is concerned with the systemic processes of social change, and, secondly, the social context and intentions of the authors of the sources by which we can establish the truth of historical events, separating mythic accounts from factual circumstances.[25]
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    "What is the historical evidence?"

    Well, the bunny with the chocolate eggs. 5 years after Jesus's death kids were already looking for those tasty little treatments. It is in the books...
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    Consider that the Islamic faith considers Jesus to have been a real person. They do not recognize him as God of course, just a prophet of God.
  6. jem


    josephus was a historian, he recorded history.
    that is not easter bunny material. Josephus is part of the historical record we have.

    not sure how anyone can poke fun at that.
    either we have a historical record or we don't.


    there are 2 passages.. One is disputed by scholars... one is accepted by virtually every scholar.


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