What is the hardest college major?

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  1. The "hardest" major depends on your opinion. Personally I would say math, engineering, physics or chemistry are the hardest majors, because I'm not especially good at those subjects and don't enjoy them. I can write a 20 page essay no problem, but I can't do a problem set to save my life.

    On the other hand, at my school there were a handful of required writing classes, as with most colleges. I knew an electrical engineering major who could blaze through supremely difficult problem sets, but was just incapable of putting together a passable essay. He flunked (and had to retake) each of the writing classes multiple times.
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  2. Pure math at a top school is an incredibly difficult major. Engineering can be passed at a mediocre school if you work hard enough. You can work as hard as you want at pure math at a top 10 school, and still not pass because it's so cognitively demanding.
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  3. but some of the greatest economists subscribe to failed policies so it isn't just "kiddy level" v. advanced econ.

    it's always sold as a science but is really just a humanities branch with stochastics and other tools thrown in. figure how bad "professional" economists are at predicting just about anything using whatever math tools they can muster.
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  4. Bootsie


    You are WRONG.
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