What is the hardest college major?

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  1. Just curious, are you a guy?

    If so, how do you deal with ignorant old people who want a female nurse? Do you get bombarded with questions like "what, you weren't smart enough to be a doctor?"
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    This quote tells me that you have not taken a math course more advanced than basic calculus. In the truly advanced math classes you have to create the theorems fool. Granted it is a different kind of creativity, but it, along with engineering is still creative - you are engineering something right? You are hilarious, I used to take english classes when I needed a break, you can BS your way through any paper, there is no right answer. Plus the women in english classes were better than the ones in math classes. :)

    - CS/Math Degree which I switched to from engineering because it was "easier"
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  3. EE
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  4. Yes, I am a guy.

    Women under the age of 65 actually prefer male nurses.

    It is usually men who question why I became a nurse. When I tell them I started in health care as a combat medic that usually ends the conversation. You can almost see the look of relief on their faces

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  5. So a combination of Ben Stillers characters from "Meet the Parents" and "Tropic Thunder" :)

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  6. Just curious. Do you find that other female nurses tend to defer to you simply because you are male? Also, do doctors treat you differently than female nurses?
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  7. dumpin bedpans for 25$/hour stinks :D
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  8. Definitely.

    I have been a charge nurse, assistant director or director for much of my career. Doctors are very rude to many female nurses. I have never been yelled at, not even hung up on.

    Not to change the subject, but I am absolutely positive that it was other women that ultimately brought Hillary down. Women do not trust other women AT ALL.
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  9. Nurses aides do that. I make a good deal more than 25/hr. I am hourly, and overtime is almost unavoidable. Something else about being a male nurse. Women get sick, they have periods, their kids get sick. Recently, I worked 27 out of 30 days. Time and a half after 8 hours a day and after 40 hours a week.
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  10. Sorry, never saw either movie. Heard they were funny though. I did see Hancock with the wife and kids though.
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