What is the guys name who predicted

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  1. What is the guys name who predicted the Feb market fall-off. He has some kind of pi theory, and supposedly predicted previous volatility and has future key dates? There was a thread on here about him.
  2. Martin Armstrong and Economic Pi Cycle

    (Exact cycle date Feb 27 2007)
  3. Some cycle dates he had, 1998 being a low

    998.55... 07/20/98

    2000.7.... 09/13/00

    2002.85... 11/08/02

    2005.... 01/02/05

    2007.15... 02/27/07

    2009.3... 04/23/09

    2011.45... 06/18/11
  4. It seems the guy was so acurate in his predictions, the CIA had to get involved!


    CIA Involvement

  5. Unfortunately he is unavailable for comment at the moment :(

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  6. interesting..
    does he have a cycle high/low for the commodities markets?
  7. :eek: !!!

    Yes, he has been (and continues to be) imprisoned for his work! - basically he was held in contempt of court it seems (has anyone around here ever done jury duty?, it's very easy to understand how that could have happend. :p ).

    Here's the full article:

    The 411
    Satchel absolutely nailed yesterday's 10pt rally in the ES, so it doesn't surprise me that he would be a fan of Armstrong's Cycle work, while my trend following method got me 4+ pts and counseled to stay out after the last drop.

    But, like most traders who desire to get that first step on the market which can result in delivering a devasting knock-out punch, I am fascinated by cycle theories which can call market turns with a high amount of probability, and continue to work on my own models in the attempt to do so successfully.

    Interesting weekend reading.

    Good trading,


    P.S. ... or is it that he embezzled money? :D , prolly a little of both! - I smell a great story here, would love to know how things really went down with this guy.
  8. Interesting. Was that movie Pi based on him or his theories or something along those lines?

    All I remember is a guy trying to figure the market out and ends up drilling a hole in his head...
  9. Pekelo


    This Armstrong guy is one interesting fella...

    "Armstrong has been imprisoned in NYC on contempt charges and without bail since January 14, 2000. He remains there to this day. However, this summer, he plead guilty to charges. After seven years, he will finally be sentenced on January 3, 2007. He faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison."


    Call me stupid, but I don't get why would anyone be in jail for contempt for 7 years, when the max. he was going to get is 5 years, and the real punishment maybe just 3 years??? :confused:
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