what is the greatest danger for a female us soldier serving in combat?

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  1. rape by her fellow male soldiers:

    Rape in the US military: America's dirty little secret

    Rape within the US military has become so widespread that it is estimated that a female soldier in Iraq is more likely to be attacked by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire. So great is the issue that a group of veterans are suing the Pentagon to force reform. The lawsuit, which includes three men and 25 women (the suit initially involved 17 plaintiffs but grew to 28) who claim to have been subjected to sexual assaults while serving in the armed forces, blames former defence secretaries Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates for a culture of punishment against the women and men who report sex crimes and a failure to prosecute the offenders.
  2. Who could have foreseen that mixing females into units of young guys far away from home would lead to problems? This is just baffling.

    Probably the best thing to do is to include women in all aspects of military life, like on submarines, combat units in the field, etc. Then spend a few billion more bucks to sort out whatever minor issues crop up.