What is the fundamental purpose of money

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  1. Joab stated in another thread. "It's not how much you make , it's how much you can keep and spend and how much fun you have in the process."

    So it got me thinking, on a personal level, what is the fundamental purpose of money?

    Do you actually enjoy your money that you earn? Do you tuck it all away waiting patiently for the day when you'll spend it?

    Learn from the past, live today, plan for the future. That's my motto.

  2. Money is a tool that doesn't come with instructions.
  3. Money is a barter item that is relative easy to carry and store...kind of like rocks but lighter. It is actually worthless but we all act like is worth alot.
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    For exchanging goods and services, other ways around are just false promises.
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    However, money has debt attached to it soon as it's printed. That's what we call usury.

    Money should be for exchange of goods and services period. Usury should be outlawed.

    Abolish the Fed!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. It's what we use to buy things we don't need to impress people we don't know. It also offers the illusion of security for people who think they can buy their way to peace of mind. And sadly, it's how we measure a persons success, intellect and overall value as a human being. It is, without doubt, the most powerful drug on the planet. The only question is, are you a dealer, or a buyer?
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    i remember from finance class in the 60's that there were four
    fuctions or purposes of money, but can only recall two: median of exchange and store of value. with all thats happened since then, there are probably more now.
  8. Money is power
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    No. money is tool (per nutmeg)-- one which the fed uses to twist our testicles.
  10. to purchase a good long night with ur wife.
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