What is the EUR/GBP future?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by travis, Nov 6, 2009.

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    I've done some research, because people were telling me that going LONG on the EUR and going SHORT (2 contracts) on the GBP didn't make sense, in a strategy betting on a reduction of the divergence, and that I should have simply traded the "EUR/GBP future".

    That seems right, however the problem is that I looked at IB's forex futures and I could only find the "RP", a contract that has a few hundreds of trades per day. How can that be possible? Am I looking at the wrong contract? On the CME page it doesn't say very much about the future, nor about its volume. What is, on IB's TWS, the December 2009 contract symbol for the EUR/GBP future? Can anyone help me please?

    So far these are the useful links that I've found:
  2. Its the right contract, but its just not really liquid. I don't know why, there are people providing liquidity in 6E and 6B, so it they could easily do the same in eur/gbp futures too. But apparently no one is interested in that.

    Long 1 6E and short 2 6B leaves you with additional USD exposure and is not the same as eur/gbp.
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    You're right. Thank you very much for your reply, that provided me with detailed and useful information.