What is the easiest tool to start creating strategies ?

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    I tried Amibroker and I am not a huge fan of their language and I had issues when trying to important minute data from eSignal into Amibroker. The support is quasi non existent as well.

    OpenQuant looks more like my cup of tea ... First of all, it uses a real language C# (which is not too bad, Java is more portable but C# is ok I guess). It seems to have better support.

    But before to rush to buy OQ, I wanted your advice, for the ones which have been successful at building working trading systems:
    - is there any tool which would connect to a source like eSignal and backfill more than 10+ years of data ?
    - if not, where can I find 10+ years of 1minute data for FX, US, UK and EU stocks at the cheapest price ?
    - which tool makes it the easiest to move a strategy into paper trading then real-trading ?

    I want to spend my free time creating strategies not dealing with too much IT issues. (I suspect that you cannot get rid of all IT issues but I do not want to spend more than 50% of my time getting everything working)
  2. You dont need any IT knowledge.

    Just use paper, pen and your brain.
  3. You are possibly looking at tens of thousands of $$$ for what you are asking in terms of data.

    Amibroker is the best for the money and can do portfolio level testing easily. I don't understand those complains about the language.

    The best way to develop systems is to have a computer develop them for you and also write the language for you. High rate of system production is an edge by itself.

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    It's been a year since I worked w/OQ so perhaps things have changed for the better but my experience was a real waste of time and money.
    OQ was good at answering questions pre-sale but went a whole Summer w/o answering my questions post-sale. They actually said that they were on vacation so they didn't have the time. No lie. They said it in a post here on ET.

    The data collection utility caused the program to crash.

    Very little documentation. This is okay if you have time to experiment w/code but not so good if you're trying to deploy a strategy quickly.

    Out of frustration I gave up on OQ and switched to NinjaTrader. NT has it's problems too. But, NT for the most part is upfront about its shortcomings; support and documentation are not a problem w/NT.

    Could OQ be as good or better than NT? Yes, probably. But, they don't really seem to care since they seem to be more focused on their institutional product w/QuantHouse.

    That is quoting from bluelou in the software section.
    Check out the rest
  5. Well gang, these responses just simply highlight why the "big boys" (Citi, JPM, GS) are using really expensive platforms for their trading ops.
    I always thought NT was going to become the next "savior" for all of system-trading wanna be's. But when the 7.0 version took over 2 years to roll-out, that was quite a tell....and I started to look elsewhere.

    Easiest Platform ?. Gotta be Multicharts. Reliable; Great scripting language.
  6. Humpy


    MONEY talks

    you get to go to court - don't bother if you have to employ anything less than the better team and they cost.

    Just so in trading. Do you really think you are going to match the "big boys" ? Not a chance unless :-

    1.youre loaded and willing to spend big bucks.

    2. Some sort of a whizz kid
  7. For 1 minute data, pitrading.com.
  8. enki


    i'm very very newbie ... my first step is mt4 ... but my friend (more experience and more losing money) use Multichart and ask me if we can find in the market a visual software to build automatic robot ea strategies in Multichart without knowledge in easy language or matlab or programming etc etc

    thank you in advance

  9. I am also looking for someone to do the work for me and I get the credit.

  10. wow - using graphics and visuals to create a trading strat ?
    Sounds cool, but I don't see how it can be done actually.
    Anyone ?
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