What is the easiest country to open an offshore account on?

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    It seems that many Switzerland banks demands you to prove the source of your funds which is an annoyance and the jersey islands asks for a lot of documents, does anyone know which country demands the least on documents and offers a strong online banking service?
  2. if you're a US citizen, I think you'll find the patriot act and anti-terrorism legislation regarding US funding held overseas will make opening an account with a solid, reputable banking institution very difficult unless you are prepared to prove source of funds or provide "excessive documentation"
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    I heard wire transfers are slow and a pain on american banks besides I will have a hard time opening there without getting a visa or doing it by mail
  5. Dubai
  6. singapore is a good place HK is a good place phillipiness is a good place

  7. macro,

    kindly provide additional info/link on Dubai. i know they have some good things in the works!

  8. just set up your corporation in us or your home country, and apply common sense, nothing semi legal accounting tatics. You will find its not worth the headache and sleepness nites.

  9. Can you list some tax advantage /disadvantage for setting up corporation in US?

  10. If I live in country A but trade an account in country B, can anybody find out? (Ex. Retracing the source of an order)

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