What is the direct opposite of Justice?

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    So I am reviewing the Jokes2 thread as part of my obligations to EliteTrader (it's tough duty which is why it pays so well), and I run across a list of quotations attributed to Winston Churchill. Among them lies this gem:

    "All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope. "

    I have such respect for WC that I suspect this is a misquote. I could be wrong of course, I've certainly said some things that I am not proud of. Still, I wonder how many of my fellow ETers can identify the one incorrect word in this quotation. Not to say he did not say this, but to suggest he was incorrect in a small way.

    What single word is wrong and why?
  2. My first thought is justice, I think the opposite of justice is truth.

    No one wants the truth if it means no justice.

    Someone has been wronged, the truth hurts.

    Somebody has to pay for my hurt.

    Good question though.
  3. Injustice/unfairness. That's pretty easy. Things get fuzzy when trying to define justice/fairness, which is a more opaque philosophical issue.

    Few people would say they want things to be unfair. However, different parties idea of "fairness" on any given issue may be drastically different.
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    The opposite of justice is incongruity.

    I'll have to think some about which word is (most) in error, but for now I'll say that it's interesting he did not mention love.

    Excellent post.
  5. Freedom and Duty are oxymoron, if you are truly free, what's duty for? If you are bonded with responsibilities, you aren't free.
  6. Mercy: the guy didn't have an ounce of mercy, he thrashed whiskey and cigars like there was no tomorrow. :(
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    Freedom...... government, and freedom can not coexist, its an oxymoron, the only time I can possibly be free is if no one else has any control over me, so the very fact that government exists means i am not free.

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    and still became one of the greats of the 20 th century
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    You beat me to it...

  10. he was my uncle.
    ''We will never surrender'' you should hear Supertramp do that song.
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