what is the difference between the appian X and Rushmore??

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by spieler, Apr 9, 2002.

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    I am about to change my 4 monitors trading machine.

    I would like to buy an appian X card with 4 digital flat screen ( massmultiple) but i saw an ad on the Appian Rushmore.

    Somebody knows thedifferences if any?
    Thank you
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    I checked before :)

    I find this :
    http://www.9xmedia.com/Pages-products/4000 -video cards.html
    and this:
    http://www.9xmedia.com/Pages-products/4000 -video cards.html#Anchor-Ap-45692

    The Appian Rushmore delivers the highest performance and lowest cost of any four-port extended desktop solution on the market today," said Jim Greenup, President of Appian Graphics.

    The cost is 200 bucks less than the X one and it has 4 analog and 4 digitals
    The processor inside is different ( 2 ATI RADEON for the rushmore)(Two AppianAGXTM multi-display graphics accelerators for the X)
    THat is the big difference i suppose.
    Does it worth the extra money?
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    The easier answer the better.
    i have just received that:
    "They have discontinued the Appian X and are replacing it with the Rushmore. The Rushmore is $599."
    On dell web site they still have the X one and no trace of the rushmore ??
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    It would appear that Appian needs to piggyback on a more mainstream video graphics maker if they are to keep up with technology and cost. Everyone else are now making dual cards, and Matrox is fast catching up with 4port cards at better price points.

    Hence, you are seeing the ATI chip on Appian, and Appian software on ATI cards.

    I bought the Rushmore to run on XP. I had to wait 2 weeks when Appian finally e-mailed me drivers for it (although it was advertised as XP compatable). I didn't know it was beta and it didn't work. They have the final drivers out now, but I haven't installed or tested it. Also, there are no screen management software this is workable on the XP platform.

    Lastly, if anyone else has this card, I can not get the two Y cables that attach to the card to screw down securely. The secure screws just would not fit the nuts on the card. And these cables are big, semi thick and long and if not secured, will get dislodged easily. I tried changing the nut, but it appears the screws on the Y cable itself is not the right size. I don't know how Appian could have overlooked this.
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  6. spieler



    your story is incredible!

    I have been recommanded the rushmore ( my OS is window 2000 pro).

    With your problem i don't know now what to order??

    I am gonna call Appian technician.

    Thank you
  7. Hi Spieler,
    why not 2 ATI 7000 64 MB DDRAM: one AGP and other PCI on the same computer ??
    You will see speddy and better then Appian Rushmore!
    Price? 100+85 =185 $ and you have 4 monitors connected
    and 32 per monitor!!!!
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    I have been told APPIAN was better than the configuration you recommand but i am not a technician.

    I thought One card was better than 2 but now i do not know what to think about all of that??
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    I had the same several weeks ago and called Appian. I spoke with a technician about intended use (ie. trading, not high-end graphics), and he stated emphatically that the Rushmore was what I wanted.

    The Rushmore is Appian's newest technology card and it has only been on the market for 2-3 months.

    The Appian website stinks, and I told them it was very difficult to distinguish the difference between these two products. Perhaps the rumor that the X is being discontinued hints at why.

    I decided to buy a Matrox G200 MMS Quad now for the following reasons:

    1) the Appian software for working with multiple monitors, which is acknowledged by many to be the best, is not ready for XP, and they could give me no solid information as to when it would be,

    2) the G200 is found for good prices right now as there are new products coming out at Matrox to replace it. However, Matrox made it clear that the Matrox would continue to be sold until probably the 4th qtr, and hence well supported,

    3) you can buy a new or used G200 MMS on eBay for pretty good prices... a used one went for $240 just a couple of days ago...I paid $285 for a new one, but watched eBay for a week or so to get it

    4) you can run it side-by-side with a Matrox G550 to get six monitors...the G550 can be had for close to $100 if you look.

    Finally, installation of the Matrox card on my machine went very well (once I figured out how to turn of the onboard graphics in my Compaq).

    I will in the future consider the Appian cards, but they seem a little behind the ball at the moment
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