what is the difference between market depth and level 2 quotes

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    Hi all

    i admit i am a newbie in trading and i have been reading a lot of threads around DOM, market depth etc as i would like to get a more understanding of the topic.

    one thing i am not sure is the term of market depth (or DOM) and level 2 quotes, do they mean the same thing in terms of index futures such as ES or YM?

    i saw nasdaq have level 2 quotes and NYSE have openbook, do they mean the same thing as market depth or different in stocks?

    thanks in advance
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    noone had an answer?
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    Here is a brief description of Level II.


    I haven't traded stocks in years so I haven't kept up with all the latest and greatest.
    The DOM on say YM or ES, unlike level II on a stock, will show only the price and quantity at each level not who the bid or offer belongs to.
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    thanks for the link

    so can i say that there is no level 2 quotes on index futures like the e-minis? just a DOM?
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