what is the detail beneth the financial stock collaps?

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    Lehman and many others said that they had billions of dollars of liquidity. How suddenly after a few days they filed bankruptcy?
  2. In a fractional reserve fiat banking system, banks are bankrupt by design. The key is keeping the illusion of being sound as long as depositors don't all withdraw at the same time. Right now confidence has been lost in the system, so it's being revealed to all who did not know.
  3. Easy.
    It's called a run on a bank.
    WAMU lost $17 BILLION in one week.
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    Quite sounding stupid. Lehman was an investment bank, not a deposit bank. Therefore, fractional reserve doesn't apply to it. Its use of leverage is in the same vein as margined accounts.
  5. Investment banks have the problem of level 3 assets. Most of their SIV's are bankrupt, and they can't roll their commercial paper, which is short term debt because the credit markets are seized.
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    even easier,,,

    they were lying thru their teeth....
  7. FYI The reason why the investment banks are failing is because they have phantom capital. You don't have to look to far but all this off-balance sheet accounting along with the securitization process led to Enron's downfall. Yet they focused on internal controls with Sarbanes Oxley instead of tackling the root cause. Structured finance is an innovative way to borrow from a lender without reporting the liability on their balance sheet.

    If you want more details read below.