What is the deal in the BUND futures

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by buylo, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. buylo


    1.5 million contracts traded by 8:30. 2.5 million contracts overall today.

    Has been much thinner then normal and moves show no support or resistance levels. 10 tics in one 2 minute bar is nothing.

    No 1 or 2 thousand lots being "flipped" on me. Just volume going one way or the other.

    Summer markets or a spec on what the ECB wants to do and when????
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  2. on the weeklies, it looks as if it is going parabolic - 130 ?

    on the dailies think it has become to obvious on buying the dips ie too many people long

    2nd half of weds and yest looks like the big shake out to clear the air

    And the daily bar pattern for yest (thurs) looks like it has completed the shakeout (me included) Doji, hammer or whatever
  3. Henk


    1.5 million contracts traded by 8:30. 2.5 million contracts overall today.

    Where did you get that number? I only have 1,4 million contracts traded for today

  4. i suppose everyone can blame "the flipper"
  5. buylo


    I meant yesterday, seeing as my post was at 1:30 AM.

    Of course we would hear about the flipper, but its been pretty thin in there with 2 and 3 hundred lots disappearing.
  6. was that news or stop related anyone ?

  7. There was a news suggesting a potential rate cut from ECB.

    What I would like to know is why the US 10yr took a dive as the bund rallied.??
  8. mcurto


    It was super thin in there early this morning, then someone came in and bought about 3000 up near the highs on the screen (most likely Brumfield sold it to him), then traded gradually lower to that 4.127% cash yield, which has been good resistance in yield last month or so, hit some HUGE stops there, and got messy after that. Prudential Bache bought about 5000 in the pit near 112-08 to 112-10, Hardy and the rest of the locals sold it to them and just kept pushing it lower into more stops.
  9. Henk


    How do you know that PB bought 5000 contracts in the pit?

  10. believe me, he knows!!!

    Hey, Mike what was with the 10 yr today. Got wood thro 11215.5 and never looked back.

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