What is the dead low in terms of commissions?

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  1. I was wondering what is the DEAD low that you can get a from a prop firm. I know there are other things at stake, but I was wondering ones opinion of the DEAD low at certain price levels.

    1 million shares?
  2. u'll get any number of response like: "worry about your trading, forget your rate cause its not important in the beginning" which is an absurd thing to say unless you're like 99 percent o folks on et and "trade" but don't scalp for the smallest increment movements.

    what am i even talking about...i can't tell you how many jokers I found on ET from ex-refco traders to previous market makers that are living in la la land and haven't traded in such a retardedly long time but still come on board et and talk about trading as if they were actively doing something in the markets, giving everyone a false impression but not actually lying.

    here, i don't even care, its .00015 per share lowest I've come across backing yourself


    .001 on some kind of spit for minimal vol using a certain platform

    I TRADE. There, didn't have to even say it. I could just talk talk talk with some tone of authority using big words and just being a jackass, and I wouldn't have been lying about whether or not I trade. but seriously, the tone i give above, the way i just talk about it above, i simply cannot tell you how many ass clowns i've met on ET that talk like this, and then it turns out, they don't even trade/haven't traded in YEARS.

    I have more respect for someone piking it out on their scottrade account trading 50 shares of bsc with a macd then some washed out nobody living a lie.
  3. oh and lets not be the other variety of jackass that gets on board and talks like me and gives anyone the impression that because I'm pissy or know a rate I am some uber profitable trader.

    i scalp, make about 200-300 net on ave, including losing days. was backed for a very short time and just said to hell with this and backed myself. 1 month on my own, not looking back. not enough money for you? whatever I could care less. The sadest part about this message board is that I am the very definition of a PIKER, and yet even my kind is some kind of rare breed on these boards, let alone all these fools i've met that DON'T EVEN TRADE!!???!! but don't say anything about it. (this isn't some bash on newbs who don't trade, its these retards that get on here and don't even do it but act as if, just keep acting as if) WAKE UP!!!! what are you doing with your lives????? why do you even get on this message board?
  4. wow, i am an idiot. i've had a few pms.

    i'm trying to be helpful in answering the question on rates.

    if you pm me about :

    -where i "deposit" my funds (lol), to trade

    -who used to back me

    -help in trading

    i can't help/answer any of that. so you'd be wasting your time pming me.
  5. pretty benign question, however, there are so many retarded trolls on this site, yeah i'll just say it theres a retarded amount from assent, whatever i said it i don't care. (all these shiesters got trolls but i mean, come the #%@! on at least try, make an effort to be more discrete about it. its like they are just shameless (thats probably cause they must figure wtf who cares the newbs that don't know can't see the bs, and the folks that can, well if they open their mouths and say something too ridiculous we'll just have it deleted from the boards despite the fact that we're not even sponsors but are one of the biggest bd's in the industry...)

    what platform i use? i'd just rather not even get into it cause whatever i mention, some idiot will come on here and be like ,"blah blah my platform is better, commissions aren't everything, anvil is THE BEST, check the balance sheets, make sure the sky isn't falling, ect ect ect"

    and to just answer the damn question before I'm even accused of it by one of these retards from assent, no, i don't have a grudge with you, I could careless what you do, anvil rocks, god bless you all. Its just on this board, you guys are just flat out shameless about your trolls, but i mean what do i care its not like that effects me its just along the lines of one of things i was thinking about regarding all these folks on ET that aren't newbs, that give the suggestion they trade (i'm not even talking about a jack hershey or whatever i'm sure he does. or that brazil guy, i don't think he's trying to suggest he trades with all those academic posts. i'm not talking about anyone in the pnl threads either, because those people are saying they trade. i'm talking about these posers that get on here and just talk talk talk about trading in an authoritative tone, never actually say whether or not they trade, and just give this vibe like they are active in the markets. it disgusts me.

    and to just go 1 step ahead before the troll gets on here after reading his, "How to Diffuse Something Negative Said about the Firm you Troll For", i'll just do it for you:

    Troll/whatever his elite name is: "Like dude man, you need to get laid"


    Troll: " Did someone have a bad day at work last week, do you need to cry to mommy?"


    Troll: "You are the troll, coming on here claiming to make 200-300 bucks scalping. You're just trying to sell something....o wait, thats right its only a couple hundred bucks....well still uh...hm...i'm sure you're trying to sucker someone"

    and my answer to all three in 1 sentence would be yes i need to get laid because last friday was a grind and i'm trying to get on ET and sucker someone into a "cyber seminar" (lol) to pay for my data subscriptions this month.
  6. Dogfish


    Put a cork in it! :p
  7. That's a pretty entertaining hijack :D

    FWIW, now I pay 0.20 per 1000 shares, but I've paid 0.15 per 1000 in the past.

    Daily vol varies from 200k to 1M.
  8. The whole point of "dead low" is that it is a unique deal such that the pitchmen from the prop firm will do everything to avoid giving that rate to "you." The people who are given the "dead low" deals are usually given them on the condition that they not tell others about the deal, because once word gets out that trader X is paying $2000/month less than the next guy, everyone else feels entitled to that lower rate.

    If you want to really know, call the places up, and negotiate.

    About 99% of the deals people offer you will be total ripoffs.

    Expect to pay a premium if you need backing (40:1 leverage or something) vs retail (4:1). Retail, the cheapest decent platform I'm aware of is Sterling which is OK, though Genesis is also very very cheap and while it may be slightly more expensive (~.00025 with a million or $250... about the cost of Sterling platform fee) than Sterling, Laser is IMO as good as Anvil except that the colors are less pretty and the built in filters are inferior. I got used to the Laser colors within a few days and I use Trade Ideas Pro for my filters.

  9. o no u let the cat out the bag.

    u and i are gonna get whacked by the prop firm (take a guess) mafia.

    u gotta wonder what sub llcs think when they see posts like this...if it ever stays on this message board without being erased...lol. what a joke
  10. $0.75 per 1,000 shares ?? What brokers can give such low commission ?

    The lowest i heard was $1.50 / 1000 (0.001 per share)
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