What is the CNBC Video Question?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qll, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. qll


    Launch the CNBC.com Live Player to see today¡¯s Video trivia question.

    What is the question? I have keep watching the video, and there is no question.

    5.1% 2.5% 3.0% 3.7%
  2. I forgot what the question was but the answer is 3.7
  3. qll


    when and where did you see the question? before 9am?
    i watched it all day. only hear news...
  4. pamjoey


    3.7 is correct, The question was: How much was GE February sales up?
  5. qll


    what is today's answer?

    35% 16% 59% 46%

    where do you guys find the question? i never hear it at all...

    help.... i don't want to bother you guys every day.