What is the "Christian" thing to do?

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  1. Pick up the bible and read it and you'll understand.

    You don't deserve any explanation, you deserve to be locked up in general population so you can be victimized the same way you victimize others.

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  2. I don't victimize others...

    People like you volunteer to be made fools of.

    Now, what is the "Christian" thing to do?

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  3. Good points 'R us;
    but actually when someone becomes born again/born anew, there is an instant change. A new creation , not just mouthing religious versesd/prayers.

    Moses [hebew hall of fame, Hebrews 11]was a murderer, so not all killers are pagens;
    & for thinkers/bible believers, war is a good idea/God idea sometimes.

    Israel had a good solution for premeditated murders;
    it never failed-stone them until dead.They used it with discretion, not mindlessly;
    king David was never stoned, but could have been legaly.
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