What is the chances Wednesday is an up day?

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What is the chances Wednesday is an up day?

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  1. 100% Up Room to GO!

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  2. 50%-50%

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  3. 100% DOWN!

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  1. Futures sold off by 7 points at the close, so my bets are DOWN!
  2. Might be due to news.

    DJ SEC's Cox: About 12 Investigations on CDOs, CLOs, Under Way
    WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--The Securities and Exchange Commission has
    opened about a dozen investigations in connection with complex products
    in which debt is bundled together, SEC Chairman Christopher Cox said
  3. S2007S


    All of the sudden, hmmmmm. Why now, why after the fact. They should have done this 6 months ago.
  4. Maybe they needed to sell short in their personal accounts first...
  5. We are all doomed. Doomed i say.
  6. There might be too much fear? We are back at the 6/7 SPX low, but the VIX is much higher.
  7. Urkel


    Keep buying it guys...
  8. Do you think it is going to be a double bottom?
  9. In sharply up/down weeks, I notice Wednesdays are usually reversal days. So, if it follows the usual pattern, up.
  10. market has gone down about 5 days now, it's ready to go up now but prob not as strong. we're gonna head south during the summer as usual.
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