What is the biggest problem facing America today?

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What is the biggest problem facing America today?

  1. Lack of Congressional leadership

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  2. Social security and entitlements

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  3. The war in Iraq

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  4. Iran's nuclear development

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  5. Terrorism and Bush's war on terror

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  6. Illegal immigration

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  7. Oil and gasoline prices

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  8. Homosexual Marriage

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  9. Taxation

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  10. Budget deficit

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  1. I believe the immediate problem is illegal immigration, and the biggest long term problem is global warming which includes weather related disasters.
  2. The Bush Administration
  3. Lack of common sense.
  4. Too much government.
  5. Not enough time, spending or effort put into developing and bringing to a commercial level a renewable, clean, efficient form of energy. Government, big oil business and the people in general are to blame.
  6. Too many whackos from both extremes influencing government. Right now the right wing whackos are the big danger. The religious zealots have way too much power and are truly dangerous.

    Give me good old pragmatism.

  7. ElCubano


    OVERCONSUMPTION of mother earth...and no one does it better than us good ole' Americans.
  8. Atlantic


    this and the oil thing and the fact that pretty much nobody is left who gives a sh*t about the country.
  9. Apathy

    There are way too many people trudging blindly along in their lives and caring little to nothing about the issues that face the next generation of adult citizens in this country.
  10. FredBloggs

    FredBloggs Guest

    so who is taking responsibility and ownership of these issues inorder to make sure that the usa returns to being the great country it once was (not so very long ago)?

    what can YOU do in YOUR everyday lives to make a difference?
    #10     May 2, 2006