What is the best website or software to do technical analysis?

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    What is the best website or software to do technical analysis?
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    You will receive 100s of opinions on this, as 'the best' is a quite personal decision. Let me try to help by providing some choice criteria:
    • instruments traded: all solutions out there can trade equities. Many support futures. Only few support options.
    • portfolios: all solutions can run a signal on a single instrument, or baskets of instruments. Much less solutions support portfolios, where an overarching money-management guides instrument selection and allocation. And even if the specific platform supports portfolios, many are very clunky in their handling of portfolios.
    • trade frequency: all platforms out there support end-of-day. Less of them support intra-day, or high-frequency.
    • data sources: this is an aspect that is often overlooked. All platforms allow you to bring in data in some way. But if you have specific requirements which data vendor you want to use, the number of options will get very slim. Also, data quality vastly differs. If you need data fully adjusted for ordinary dividends, it might be better to start with narrowing down data vendors, and then find platforms supporting the feed.
    • local vs cloud: you will need to decide how paranoid you are about your intellectual property. Some of the cloud platforms out there are quite good, but as with typical web-based development, they can't offer the features die hard software developers demand, most importantly a debugger.
    • language: this is another quite personal choice. Do you prefer something easy and forgiving like Python, or something more structured and powerful like C#? Or do you want to avoid programming completely, and use a point-and-click flow?
    I am the maintainer of TuringTrader, an open-source platform for technical analysis and backtesting written in C#. Unlike other platforms, TuringTrader does not have a graphical front-end. Instead, TuringTrader teams up with Excel (or R) to do all visualizations, and further analysis. I use it for all my research and a number of model portfolios I run for clients, and of course I believe it's 'the best' :)

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi Pierre, MotiveWave is very good for technical analysis, with different editions depending on the tools you want.
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    You have summarized the difficulty of making a choice.
  5. I recommend on Bookmap as primary or a least secondary tool
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    With MotiveWave's version 6 beta 2 (being released very soon), we would be similar to Bookmap with our DOM, DOM history study and Big Trades Study.
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    I use Esignal charting software.
    But I use very very few features from esignal even though Esignal is a rather powerful s/w.

    My technical analysis is very simple ;
    just draw straight line & perhaps add some important TEXTs on my chart.

    After decades of trading, I can tell you you don't need all the
    complex curviliner equation, Euler formula,
    Navier Stokes equation, y=mx + c, complex indicators, oscillators, trend indicators ....
    Just need to know very simple thing like drawing straight line.
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  8. I agree with maxinger. Too many options in TA often introduce randomness in decision making. I'm a bit more quant although I draw straight lines too. I use now a scanner called DLPAL DQ with EOD data only for 38 stocks I pick from to trade. If the scanner gives some good signals then I draw some lines in NinjaTrader 8 to see the direction of trend in the short-term and maybe a moving average also. Then I pick the signals I think they will do best in the next few days and trade those. That has done well so far for me and I enjoy the routine.
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  10. Today I have taken a buy call in crude oil at 3882 and exited from the call 4:30 pm at 3860

    Total Profit: 22
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