What is the best way to own gold?

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  1. coins? bars? gold contracts?
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  3. GLD, the ETF?

    I understand that this is one way that Soros buys and holds gold ...
  4. Depends on your motive...

    Are you seeking a hedge against potential calamity or looking for the biggest possible profit.
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    You probably want to use it for something else too, beside value preservation, so the obvious choice is:

  6. Personally I use the COMEX futures. 1 roll per year costs about 0.1%, GLD has a 0.4% management fee. And with COMEX you are getting 100oz bars certified in an insured delivery warehouse. Whereas with GLD you don't know what the hell it owns.
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    0.1% for one roll? I am looking at Dec 2010, 1392.xx/1393.xx and Dec 2011 at 1403.xx/1404.xx. To me this is about 0.8%.

    Are you using a different calculation?
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  10. Well it depends on what you are planning on doing with it. If you thinking the sky is falling and want to physically own gold then you probably want basic eagles or leafs. Or take physically delivery through various methods, but that is if you want a serious amount. You are going to have to pay transaction costs no matter what either through commission or delivery costs.

    If you dont have a need to physically own gold, then the lowest transaction cost items would be GLD, gold futures, and holders such as PHYS and GTU.
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