What is the Best Way to Lose 20 pounds and keep it off...

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    I recently quit drinking cokes and switched to diet coke.
    I gained 4 pounds.
    I switched back to regular cokes and lost the 4 pounds.
    So I know I need to quit the cokes... but I am not sure that alone will do the trick.

    I know I need to lose 20 more pounds.
    The problem is I already exercise almost every day. I go to the gym or I run or I do and hourly long hike at a high cadence that is has some very good hills. I sort of feel my body is too use to my exercise routine.

    Should I try fasting?
    A juice fast?
    Ten years ago or whenever had the thread here I had success with atkins. Should I do that again.

    In short what is the best way to lost 20 pounds and keep it off.
    if you feel like answering... thanks in advance.
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    Looking forward to the responses, after shoving massive amounts of food in this weekend and feeling bloated, I could handle losing a few as well.
  3. Banjo


    Discipline and resolve. All the strategic menus, exercise routines etc. will prove failures without them. Reduce stressors, i.e. incessant arguing with meaningless trolls. Drinking coke, nobody loses weight consuming prodigious amounts of sugar.
  4. Give up all sugars completely. sodas, fruit juices, candy.
    Give up all fried foods/fast food.
    Give up all baked goods/desserts/pastries.
    Minimize carbohydrate intake...except for quality whole grain bread.

    Try to drink a gallon of water per day.
    drink tea.
    drink milk whey protein shakes. eat egg whites.
    eat baked turkey breast and fish.
    eat fruits and vegetables.
    discover and learn all about the world of vitamins and supplements and magical potions at GNC.

    Do a combination of exercises for strength/muscle, and agility and stretchability and cardio endurance.
    Don't do it simply because you have to...but do it with the focus and determination and intensity of Rocky training.

    If you implement all these changes...You are guaranteed to inevitably change your body appearance and health.
    It's truly a lifestyle change. You have to want it, and understand it and embrace and appreciate it.
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    This is pretty good. Definitely give up Coke etc. and all snack foods. You need sufficiently large balanced meals but nothing in between.

    Exercise needs to significantly raise pulse rate to increase your metabolic rate. Then you need to do enough to keep the metabolic rate high. Fasting cannot work.
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  6. @jem Adapt your eating habits. I avoid using the word "diet" as most people have the perception that a diet is only temporarily. In order to keep the weight down (and not yo-yo) you need to adapt your eating habits and keep them adapted. As you need to maintain this adapted eating habit for many years, is it important to find something which suits YOU.
    Reduce/minimise carbohydrates. You find those in soda's, but also in rice, potatoes and flour based products such as bread, pizza, spaghetti, and pasta's. Alcoholic beverages also go in this category.
    Reduce the time period during which you eat and drink. Most people start eating shortly after they get up, and stop eating shortly before going to bed. Try to find a shorter time window (e.g 6 or 8 hours) and don't eat outside that time window. Only drink water, coffee, tea outside this time window.
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    This pretty good too. I might have added that I try to avoid eating rice, potatoes and bread after 1pm.
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    I went from 85 kilos to 75 kilos in 6 weeks. Changed my habits and stay now stable around 77 kilos. Staying stable is the most important thing. Losing weight is easy.
    A friend of me went from 145 kilos to around 85 kilos.
    This program will cost you between 2-3000$.

    As you lose this weight quickly you are more motivated to make an effort to change your habits. Most diets work to slow and take months before there is any result. eat more frequently, but smaller portions, abandon sucre completely, drink water, coffee or tea.
  9. I'm sorry to see that you've actually spent money in order to lose weight. There is so much good information available for free.
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    Medicines eight years ago increased my need to eat, I went from 204lbs to 466 in two years, another physician took me off steroids and put me on Tumeric an India spice to get rid of inflammation. And it does very good job of keeping half of it away for me, my body has a disease where it makes huge amount of it.

    You have to make life changes to your diet, I became a veggie eater 4 years ago, got rid of meats, dairy, fats, breads and salt and first 150 lbs of weight came off in couple years. I did M-F at 1000 calories a day and 1200 calories on weekends. The last 2 years I try hard to maintain till November 10, then at worst time of the year to lose weight, I go into my hard diet of again M-F 1000 calories and 1200 calories on weekend, and lunch has to end by 1:00pm and thereafter are 100 calorie small snacks of fruit. Two previous years have lost 23 and 28 pounds by January 1, so am already down 22 pounds, most of this was inflammation from kidney stone removal gone bad as a tear happened during the procedure and will require up to two more surgeries to repair, but regardless, now I have dropped 12 lbs for sure with 5 weeks to go.

    Most people don't know or read the studies but most diet sugars increase your appetite, and colas are bad for your bones and horrible of sugar intake.

    Exercise, unless you doing like 4 hours of exercise, it is not going to do much for losing weight. I have lost most of my weight by sitting on the couch, This last year I been walking 7 miles a day for three days each week, but again, does little for losing weight, good to make organs more healthy and muscles stronger, and fat gets turned into muscle as far as the weight, so whatever you lose in pounds of fat, good chances it becomes pounds of muscle.

    I know what my bad foods are and that is breads, pastries, crust, instead of eating whole pizza, I eat one slice of without cheese veggie pizza with extra sauce, no cheeses. I have like another 50lbs to go to get back to 204lbs, and thinking going to try to go past January 1, 2018 on my 1000/1200 then switch back to 1600/1800 calories.

    If you tying to drop 20lbs, for a year stop eating breads or carbs and should do it. And best to keep a journal and record your weight each day, can give you motivation to keep that going.

    Good luck.
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